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        PBS LearningMedia offers folders as organizational aides to help manage your customized PBS LearningMedia content to share with students and colleagues.  This section demonstrates how to leverage this useful feature. 

        What are folders?

        Folders provide a place where you can keep your content organized and share content with others. You can assign unique names and descriptions to your folders.

        Can I add my own folders?

        Yes. You can create an unlimited number of folders and add an unlimited amount of content in each.

        How to create a folder

        • - From the left side navigation menu on the Teacher Tools page, click Folders.
        • - Click Add a New Folder.

        Figure 1

        • - A popup box appears (Figure 2).
        • - In the Name textbox, type a name for this folder. The name should be descriptive of not only the content but the purpose of the folder (ie: Poetry for 5th Period English Class) (Figure 2.1). This field is mandatory.
        • - In the Description textbox, type some descriptive text to add more context to the content (ie: This content is used to demonstrate to my 5th period class the influence of 20th century poets) (Figure 2.2). This field is optional but it is recommended that you add content to lend organization to your folders.
        • - Click Save (Figure 2.3).

        Figure 2

        • - The new folder appears at the top of the list of folders. Click the pencil icon to the right of Folder Name to modify the name of your folder (Figure 3.1).
        • - Click the pencil icon to the right of Folder Description to modify the description of your folder (Figure 3.2).

        Figure 3

        How to add Favorites to a folder

        Once you have created folders, you can now begin adding Favorites to them. This section demonstrates how.

        • - Go to your Favorites page by clicking Favorites from the Dashboard dropdown menu or from your Main Dashboard (Figure 1).

        Figure 1

        • - All resources that have been designated as Favorites appear in the list (Figure 2).
        • - Click the checkbox next to each Favorite that you want to add to a particular folder (Figure 2.1). You can click an unlimited number of checkboxes. You can also click Select All to select all Favorites in your list (Figure 2.2).
        • - At the top of the page, click Add to Folder (Figure 2.3).

        Figure 2

        • - A list of your folders appears in a popup box. Click the name of the folder to which you want to add the designated favorites (Figure 3).

        Figure 3

          • - The popup box closes and name of the folder the Favorites were added to appears beneath each resource. (Figure 4).

        Learn about removing Favorites

        Figure 4

        How do I rearrange items in a folder?

        • - To rearrange items in a folder begin by opening the folder that holds the items you want to rearrange (Figure 1).

        • - Click the grey patterned block between the up and down arrows located to the left of each resource (Figure 2).

        Figure 2

        The items are in their new order. You can rearrange items again at any time.

        How do I share folder content?

        Each folder comes with a shareable link (Figure 1.1). You can email the link to anyone with whom you'd like to give access to your folder content and they can view everything in the folder.

        If you do not see the folder URL, click the plus sign to the left of the folder name to expand the folder (Figure 1.2).

        Figure 1

        How do I delete a folder?

        • - Go to your main folders page and click Delete This Folder next to the folder you want to delete (Figure 1).

        Figure 1

        • - Click Yes, Delete (Figure 2).

        Figure 2

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