Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Learn about the history of our country's birthday and discover why we celebrate Independence Day with flags, fireworks, and parades.

60-Second Presidents

Pick up fast facts about the U.S. presidents while boosting your history I.Q. with the award-winning “60-Second Presidents” series from PBS LearningMedia!

National Anthem Mashup

Find out how the DJs of PBS's "Beat Making Lab" use American history to inform and inspire their musical mashups.

Daily News Story

Did you know that only 25% of Cuban citizens have access to the Internet? Find out how changes in consumer technology could help to break down the barriers to access.

Monumental Science in Washington D.C.

See what D.C. looks like through the lens of a scientist when you follow Joe Hanson - P.h.D., biologist, and tv host - on a tour through the historic city.

PBS LearningMedia: NET Edition

  • The Cost of Water!

    This slideshow visually compares the costs of bottled water to tap water. The up-front bottle costs run high, but the post-costs to the environment are even more expensive.

    Grades 6-8

  • What is an Aquifer?

    Aquifers are bodies of saturated rock and sediment through which water can move, and they provide 99% of our groundwater. Humans rely on aquifers for most of our drinking water. However, we are not only depleting this supply but are its biggest polluters as well. This infographic provides facts and illustrations to explain the process.

    Grades 6-8

  • The Groundwater Term Game

    This Groundwater Game tests your knowledge of major terms used to describe parts of the aquifer systems, from groundwater to permeability to saturated zone. Drag and drop the correct term into a sentence to make it accurate and to match the illustration. Can you score 12 out of 12?

    Grades 6-8

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